project list


the darkside of moon

office of hsiang yu property

2021 hsinchu light coming  golden arcade

sos brutalism
exhibition design

lavatory of tung yuen school

jut the column reception center — with mot select and vwi cafe

romantic route 3 the upcoming past museum of renovation

jhong hua playground

agravic starry sky — off-site project

lavatory of li ming school

tung yuen kindergarten

taiwan connection 1908

diagonal house

sport center with a column

triangle kindergarten

terrazo house

shen gang school

li ren sport hall

liukung wharf

ncku multidisciplinary project

amicable family 2

house with gardens


house of stones


tung yuen kindergarten

tung yuen kindergarten is a 2-story concrete building located in an industrial neighbourhood at the outskirt of taichung city. with total floor area of 725m2, this work attempts to construct children's cognition and imagination of space. through the indivisible arrangement of structure and elements, scale and place, school architecture can also return to the introverted thinking of architecture itself.

location : taichung, taiwan
clients : taichung tung yuen elementary school
year : 2018 - 2020
program : education
budget : 575,000 usd
design : office aaa
project manager : tsai-rong ho
models : tsai-rong ho, yung-chi liu,  hsin-yu lin
construction supervision : tze-chun wei
structure engineer : giant home engineering & consultants
mep : heng shuen mep engineering
wayfinding system : path & landforms
photographer : tze-chun wei, yu-cheng cheng